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Lesley Ridley

Care Navigator

team-member-photo Lesley Ridley

What I Do

I've been working as a Care Navigator since 2018, and with Gateshead Outer West PCN since 2019.

The main aim of my role is to prevent people from being admitted to hospital by proactively enabling them to live independently in their own homes.

We do this by maintaining and improving people's general health and wellbeing, and connecting them to services that will meet their specific needs.

How I Support Patients

I meet people face to face when visiting them in their homes.

I'll carry out a holistic review, looking fully at their needs. This assessment includes management and support as well as what preventative measures or care we can put in place to help.

For people who need specific equipment in their homes, I can help to arrange that. And for people with long-term conditions who aren't able to travel to a GP practice for their regular reviews, I can do that as well.